Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars

After seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, Andy (like a few thousand other young people) started his musical career in the third grade, playing brass instruments(trumpet, baritone horn, trombone, French horn) and continued throughout high school. Attended Santana High School in Santee, Ca. Started playing drums and guitar at age 14, and became Varsity Band full-time drummer in sophomore year. Was concert band section leader of two sections at once, French horns, and percussion. Started playing professionally at age 17, performing with two rock and R&B groups. Has always been in at least one group continually since 1971…

Wrote first song at age 18, titled “The Rain Song”. Since then, has written many songs, in a variety of musical styles. Really likes writing story songs, or scenario songs.

Andy as been a professional musician/writer/arranger/performer/teacher for 39 years, and counting. Has played in everything from Rock, and Country, to funk and disco, And Vegas-styled showbands. He will probably never retire. He’ll play with anyone who’ll let him on the same stage, and lives to jam with serious players. He loves to work in the recording studio as well. Absolutely loves teaching kids how to play rock and roll! He teaches older children (adults) as well. Has also been a Community College, and High School baseball coach since 1988. He currently coaches at San Diego City College.

Does gigs on acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and drums; does lead and backing vocals as well. Loves all of it!!

Pretty much likes ALL styles of music, except trashy rap. Partial to Big Band, and country swing, ala Asleep at the Wheel. Those cats can play!

Rock influences include the BEATLES, and pretty much everyone else after that…

Vocal influences include Sinatra, Orbison, Elvis, BEATLES, and everyone after that…

Partial Equipment List

Uses Fender Strats and Teles, Gibson Firebird, Taylor 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars, Fred Morada’s Naked Strat, Takamine Sante Fe acoustic, Ibanez Artist electric, Epiphone Les paul, and a couple of custom Frankenstrats.

Amps include: Mesa Boogie Lonestar 2-12 combo, Rivera Sedona, Musicman 112, 1980Marshall JMP (50 watt) half-stack with a 1968 Slant Cab, Crate acoustic amp, Marshall stereo chorus 2-12 combo amp, 1980Fender Princeton Reverb.

Effects Pedals include: Fulltone overdrives, Shure Wireless systems, Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive, Boss Delays, Chorus and Compression , Sansamp Tri-ac, VoxWah, Furman pedal board, Line 6 POD, Monster cables.