This was the very first incarnation of Laguna, circa 1986.  We were basically a folk/pop rock trio playing at Weddings, small clubs, where ever.  (L to R):  Kevin Krohn, Galen Cram, Kevin Dennis

(L to R): Kevin Dennis, Galen Cram, Kevin Krohn



This was really just a larger version of the original LAGUNA trio.  This variation was called "GIT BACK", and was formed in order to be able to play gigs that required more dance music.  (L to R):  Stephen Shannon, Toby Tobias, Galen Cram, Kevin Dennis, Kevin Krohn

(L to R):  Kevin Dennis, Stephen Shannon, Kevin Krohn, Galen Cram, Toby Tobias


This was the most popular version of Laguna in the early days, from 1987 through 1992.  This is the band that started playing at "The Hungry Hunter", which of course is now called "Carver's".  (L to R):  Galen Cram, Kevin Dennis, Dave Wickham.



As things progressed, we added Steve Shannon (left) on drums and Jim Becraft (center) on saxophone.



This was actually a slightly different version of Laguna called "REVIVAL" that Galen and Kevin formed with vocalist extraordinaire Jacque Major.  "REVIVAL"  played at "The Hungry Hunter" on the off nights while LAGUNA played there on the weekends in the early 90's.

"REVIVAL" would sometimes play as a 4-piece band with the part time addition of Laguna Saxophonist JIM BECRAFT.

LAGUNA #5, 6, & 7 & 8

In the mid 90's, TED HOLDING had replaced DAVE WICKHAM on keyboards, and LAGUNA added a saxophonist and a drummer in order to play more upbeat dance music.  The first Laguna drummer was FRED KELSO, followed by EDWARD FAULKNER.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find any photos of those incarnations of Laguna.  Here is the next version with drummer PAUL HORN, who was later replaced by MIKE STONE. (L to R standing):  Ted Holding, Galen Cram, Jim Becraft, Paul Horn. (Seated): Kevin Dennis


Later in the 90's.  (L to R):  Stephen Shannon, Ted Holding, Galen Cram, Jim Becraft, Kevin Dennis


is the Laguna of today that you know and love so well...